Quality & Food Safety

Everything you buy from us meets or exceeds the food safety and quality standards set by reputable accreditation bodies. It’s not easy to achieve such high hygiene and quality control expectations — but it’s worth it.

Accreditation & Certification

We are fully certified by PrimusLabs’ Global Food Safety Initiative, one of North America’s most recognized accreditation bodies for the tracing, handling, and local packaging of consumer grade produce and food products. We consistently score an Excellent ranking — PrimusLabs’ highest ranking — across all our food handling operations during their audits. Regular in-house and external inspections ensure we constantly maintain and improve our accreditation. Click here to view our PrimusLabs food safety certificate.

We are also members of ProAct, North America’s leading distributor of fresh produce, whose members place strict controls on food safety, traceability, and security.

Commitment to Quality throughout the Supply Chain

We only source from reputable growers and distributors with strong commitments to public health, and we prioritize local suppliers and farms that are food safety certified. By purchasing from local growers and small businesses we also reduce our environmental impact and improve traceability throughout our supply chain.

Our staff undergo training and monitoring to consistently uphold all hygiene and safety measures, inspecting every pallet we get. And we don’t forget about our products after they leave our warehouse, either. We operate our own delivery fleet, extending our commitment to freshness and food safety from our warehouse to our distribution network.

Food Safety, Packaging & Handling

All of our packaging materials are food safety certified and sourced locally whenever possible, plus our employees use hand packing processes that allow them to inspect the quality of the food they are handling. The wrapping, print dyes, sealing glues, or anything else that comes into contact with your food (including our staff) will not introduce any harmful chemicals or bacteria at any point between our warehouse and your shelf.

We know how important traceability is to you. In the rare event of a product recall, we will know where every case of food came from, and where it went. You’ll know immediately whether any recalled products have made it to your business, so you can handle recalls quickly and safely.


With over 80 years of experience in produce sourcing and distribution, we have in-depth knowledge of our supply chain and are a member of the Pro*Act foodservice distributor network. We have established and nurtured relationships only with reputable suppliers and distributors who meet our high standards, and stayed away from those who fall short. Our supply chain management has been tested and perfected over decades to deliver only the best.

Primus Labs

North American Produce Sales is 3rd-party certified by PrimusLabs’ Global Food Safety Initiative. What this means to us is that our premises, people, processes and equipment meets the highest level of consumer-grade food safety, quality and security standards; for you, it’s peace of mind that everything we deliver you can serve proudly, without safety or quality concerns. We have regular in-house and external inspections to maintain and improve our accreditation.

Local season has now begun! Reach out to us to learn more.