Gold Coin Produce

Our Gold Coin House Label

An orange isn’t an orange without the sweet taste of a Gold Coin! Our Gold Coin brand navel oranges have the juicy flavor you’d expect from fruit that’s left on the tree to ripen just a little longer, reducing its acid content and giving each orange its deep, rich peel color. Our customers know that Gold Coin oranges are picked from the most mature trees in the richest growing regions of Southern California, which helps us get the sweet flavour we’re known for. If you want your customers to buy the sweetest and best-looking oranges around, Gold Coin can deliver.

Our Gold Coin house label also includes a variety of Chinese vegetables, and we’re always looking to expand by partnering with growers who are just as committed to quality, freshness and flavor as we are.

Local season has now begun! Reach out to us to learn more.