Our Products and Services

Our Products and Services

Our Products & Services

“It’s not just about what you sell. It’s how you value relationships.”

Not  only do we provide the broadest produce range, sourced locally and from all over the world, our decades of experience have built strong relationships and sourcing channels we can call on for unique customer requirements. North American Produce Sales has a broad network of distributors, growers, partners and suppliers with access to a full range of fruits and vegetables to meet your industry and business needs. We are also members of ProAct,  North America’s leading distributor of fresh produce, who’s members place strict controls on food safety, traceability, and security.

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We supply the full range locally grown and imported fruits and vegetables. We specialize in Asian vegetables and also supply conventional bulk grocery items such as canola oil, eggs, tofu, and sauces. Our Gold Coin brand of California navel oranges are well known across Western Canada and North America, renowned for their quality and value, and stocked in some of the largest grocery retailers.

Providing the best quality produce is only one part of becoming a valuable partner in the food service and retail industry. We have spent over 75 years establishing relationships, building supplier networks, supporting our diverse customers, and ensuring we deliver value to our partners every day. This has allowed us to create a robust supply infrastructure with dependable delivery, guaranteed quality, and service excellence.

Not only do we have established networks and personal relationships with local and international growers, we have true end-to-end supply chain management control by performing safety-certified local in-house packaging and our own delivery fleet. Even at the very end of our process, our strategic agreement with Shillito’s Grocery Brokers across Western Canada ensures all produce we supply is properly merchandised and available for buyers to trust and enjoy.

Please contact us today to see how we can meet your specific needs, learn about our world-class food quality and safety accreditation, read about our history and values, or go to our home page.

Special Order Products

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One area we have established ourselves in is that of specialized product sourcing on short notice or limited availability. Whether it’s a new product you are adding to your menu, or testing a market or product, or experience a sudden shortage of a particular item, we can help find what you need and get it delivered to your door. Unlike many other produce suppliers who depend on one or only a few distributors, our long-standing supplier relationships and expansive networks (which we have built ourselves, long before many of the large distributors even existed) allow us to locate exactly what you need. Our local, in-house packaging and labeling services also ensure quality, safety, and fast delivery to your door.

Incredible Range

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Whatever you plan to prepare, sell, or serve, we can supply it. From apples grown in B.C. or imported all the way from Australia; tomatoes from the hothouses of the Fraser Valley to the fields of Florida and Mexico; pineapples from the tropical islands of Hawaii and Costa Rica and the Ivory Coast; bell peppers grown by local farmers or shipped from Holland and Spain, mangoes from Peru, Mexico and Ecuador, and chili peppers from Thailand – we have over 100 line items, turning our inventory over 150 times a year to keep our food fresh and range diverse. We also carry an impressive range of choice Asian vegetables such as Bok Choy Pearl, Baby Gai Lan, and Shanghai Pearl, and many more. Tell us what you need, and we will get it to you.

House Labels

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For over 40 years, the Gold Coin label has been a trusted brand name of North American Produce Sales. Gold Coin oranges are specially selected and export grade, sourced from the best growers in California, and sold in some of B.C.’s largest supermarkets and retailers, as well as distributed across Western Canada and select North American retailers. The Gold Coin label is well established and recognized as representing only the best in quality and value – a symbol of our commitment to these principles in everything that we sell. We also provide packaging and labeling services for many of the produce we supply, using certified food-grade packaging and sealing equipment to guarantee safety and freshness.

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