Quality and Food Safety

Quality and Food Safety

Our Quality & Food Safety

“Our customers trust us in our commitment to quality. We live up to that promise.”

North American Produce Sales have an unparalleled and unquestionable commitment to food safety in all that we do. We only source from reputable growers and distributors who can demonstrate similar commitments to public health, and inspect every pallet that makes its way into our warehouse.

We are fully certified by PrimusLabs’ Global Food Safety Initiative, one of North America’s most recognized accreditation bodies for the tracing, handling, and local packaging of consumer grade produce and food products.

During PrimusLabs audit, North American Produce Sales scored an “Excellent” ranking across all our food handling operations. Achieving and maintaining such high standards of hygiene and quality control standards comes with our ongoing investment into processes, equipment and inspections to ensure we provide peace of mind to all our customers. Click here to view our PrimusLabs food safety certificate. For more information on our certification, you can visit the PrimusLabs website.

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Naturally, our staff are trained and monitored to ensure all hygiene and safety measures are upheld. Not only this, our packaging processes are designed to ensure your food quality is never compromised. We go the extra mile by ensuring complete traceability of all of our packaging materials. This means that the wrapping, print dyes, sealing glues, or anything else coming into contact with your food (including our staff) are not introducing any harmful chemicals or bacteria between our warehouse and your shelf.

North American Produce Sales employs local labour and use certified in-house hand packing processes. All our packaging materials are also food safety certified and sourced locally as far as possible. In this way, we are proud supporters of our local workforce and economy, and help contribute towards the success of our local growers and small businesses while reducing our environmental impact and improving traceability through our supply chain.

Here at North American Produce Sales, we don’t forget about our produce once it leaves our warehouse; we take steps to ensure it is properly positioned, displayed, and rotated once it has been delivered to retailers. Our partnership with Shillito’s Grocery Brokers ensures professional execution of in-store merchandise management, ensuring that the produce we place on shelves enjoys premium slotting and always stays safe, fresh, and regularly replenished for customers to buy and enjoy.

Please contact us today to see how we can meet your specific needs, learn about our company values and history, view our wide range of products and services, or go to our home page.

Trusted Supplier Networks

North american produce sales food safety quality vancouver Supply Chain fresh vancouverWith over 75 years of experience in produce sourcing and distribution, we have in-depth knowledge of our supply chain and are a member  of the Pro*Act foodservice distributor network. We have established and nurtured relationships only with reputable suppliers and distributors who meet our high standards, and stayed away from those who fall short. Our supply chain management has been tested and perfected over decades to deliver only the best.

Primus Labs Certified

PrimusLabs Box North american produce sales food safety quality vancouver Supply Chain fresh vancouverNorth American Produce Sales is 3rd-party certified by PrimusLabs’ Global Food Safety Initiative. What this means to us is that our premises, people, processes and equipment meets the highest level of consumer-grade food safety, quality and security standards; for you, it’s peace of mind that everything we deliver you can serve proudly, without safety or quality concerns. We have regular in-house and external inspections to maintain and improve our accreditation.

Reputable Customers

Grocery Shop BoxWe are proud suppliers to some of Canada’s most popular and discerning supermarket chains, as well as small retailers and boutique stores. In fact, our products have probably found their way into your shopping basket already! We also supply to some of the province’s finest restaurants and luxury cruise liners. These uncompromising customers demand only the best in terms of food quality, safety, and supplier reliability, which we provide every day.

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